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MODx Revolution Basics - Understanding MODx Revolution Templates

In this screencast we go over the basics of what a MODx Revolution template is. We look at the BaseTemplate in detail, discuss the MODx Tag Syntax, and look at commonly used template tags.  We modify several things in our resource and the Base Template and discuss the resulting output.  This overview lays the foundation for working with an actual template.

A couple of things I should note here, while we are modifying the Base Template for demonstration purposes, it's generally a good idea to create your own custom template to ensure that your template changes won't be overwritten during a MODx update.  We will go into this in the next screencast.

Another thing to note is that you need to have some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS to work with MODx templates, and this knowledge is easy to acquire by going over different tutorials on the web. I have linked to some examples in the list below.


MODx Revolution - Templates

MODx Tag Syntax

MODx Revolution Commonly Used Template Tags

Basic HTML/CSS Tutorials

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