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Full Version: Adding random images to your page
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Hi there,

If you look at this page you see 2 images. At first I added them just the way I used to add them while not using a CMS system. But if somebody else simply wants to change them I thought it would be more easy to do it with Gallery.

At first I added it this way:
[[!GalleryItem? &id=`23` &toPlaceholders=`0`]]
And then using the id of the image I want. But I can't find how to change te size etc. of the image.

Or do you know a better way of adding pictures to my website? I also tried tie GalleryItemTV, but then I could only add one picture to a page, or more times the same picture.

And do you know a way of adding more PrettyGallery albums seperated at one page? A lot questions, I know, I'm sorry for that.

I'm using MODx Revolution 2.1.3-pl (traditional)

Like here you posted withing the tutorial several pictures and when you click on them you can see them al by clicking next. I know that website is based on Wordpress, but is there an easy way of doing that on MODx? Or is it just as when you use Lightbox that you have to name each image at your template?
It really depends on what your aim is. If you're just posting the occasional picture in your content then I would just recommend you do it using the content editor (having TinyMCE enabled helps to make the image upload and insertion process easier). I would then integrate something like jQuery's fancybox ( to enable the fancy image viewer.

If on the other hand you're having a dedicated photo section on your site with albums and all that then I would definitely consider using Gallery. I personally haven't used it much but here's a tutorial that might help:

Thanks a lot Mary! I'll be on it.
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